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Introducing Tabatha Briar Magdalena....

First View of Mom

I'd like you to meet our daughter, Tabatha Briar Magdalena Cawood McKelvy-Weaver. Yep, that's a long name.

She was born at 8:20am on 8/20, weighing 8#, 2oz and measuring at 19". Her eyes are currently indigo (great pic available if you click above and look through set), so they could end up any colour at all. Her hair is dark brown mixed with gold and is very curly, but we aren't sure how much of the current colour will hold since the first cap often falls out. She has the full complement of all appendages and digits and was incredibly lusty from the beginning. She scored well on the APGAR. I was delighted to discover she still had some of the downy fur covering her skin, as it's not always present on full-term babies.

After 2hrs of sleep, we woke up ready to jump right to the hospital and I was surprised to note that I was having contractions. Like preparing for labour contractions. Seems she was intent on arriving before the weekend was out, either way. Kinda neat that I at least got to feel a few of those as part of the experience.

Surgery went incredibly well, even with all attendant moments of anxiety, discomfort, and downright fear. The team was amazing. I was talked through every little part of every single procedure, which helped immensely. They were all jazzed that the gender was a surprise, each informing new arrivals joyfully, so that everyone was holding their breath when the doctor pulled her forth.

Being closed up was the worst part of the whole thing. Spinal was second worst. Getting IV in was third. Every one of them were worth it, though. Completely worth it. Every moment, every pain, all of it.

We had visitors. I'll go into that later, since stories longer than I can type on right now are involved. Pretty much all sweetness and happy surprises. A teensy bit of drama, but, you know, that's to be expected, eh?

She's beautiful. Very aware. Cuddly. Ours. Loved.

Thanks for all of the support, literal and figurative. I know for a fact every bit of it helped make this the wonder that it is, and my gratitude is endless for the kindness shown.


Aug. 21st, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
congratulations, and welcome to the wacky world of parenthood.

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